Product Overview
This software is a vital part of my daily operations and I know it will be a huge help to you whether you are a single tester company or have a crew of testers. I will outline the ways that I get the most benefit from this software that we are continually improving, features you may not be aware of, and some trouble shooting if you are having any issues. This is a huge time saver and will help give you the edge without extra support staff. Why this was started in the first place?

I had finally had my limit of “Hey, Remember that test you did for me back 6 months ago? We lost our copy and we need it right now, because closing a permit, closing on a house, about to have our water shut off, etc.” The normal response would be When I get back to the office, I will go through my paper files and send it to you. At the end of the day, that is the last thing I wanted to do.

It was my wifes Cara’s Idea and I can’t thank her enough for her encouragement.

Next reason, I expanded and had another tester help me out. This created 2 new issues for me:

  • I was not getting my paperwork back in a timely manner from my tester and that slowed down my invoicing process.
  • The hand writing from the tester was terrible and I could not bear to see another hand written form with mistakes on it.
This Software fixes all of that, but wait there is more!

This is a huge time saver and efficiency tool
  1. Create Professional backflow test reports on the spot.
  2. Receive an automatic email with an attached pdf of the report to send to your customer or print a hard copy from a mobile printer (cost about 200.00) for the printer set up.
  3. Have access to all reports all the time 24/7 and 365 from anywhere that you have and internet connection.
  4. If you are testing multiple assemblies at the same location simply enter one new test and pull it up and duplicate the report (only enter in the assembly information and test results) Not having to repeat the same address and contact information.
  5. Enjoy the ability to quickly click on the multiprint option to attach several test reports to one email in one pdf so the customer does not have to open 15 emails for 15 reports. Only 1 email is necessary.
  6. Quick Search reports by property address street number, serial number, city or agency, new or old assembly.
  7. Have access to any city’s forms all the time in the Texas gulf coast area. Currently we have 43 forms in and around Houston. We can add forms upon request and a nominal fee.
  8. Generate reports of Backflow Test Reports that are coming due to expire to improve customer retention and marketing opportunities.
  9. Use the test report software to cross check your invoicing to make sure you have invoiced for all the test reports in the software.
  10. Do you have customers that you may test several in a group or do a day or 2 days of testing for one customer? You can copy and paste from the property list of tests and paste into your invoicing software this saves a lot of time and the opportunity for mistakes. The property list will include address, serial number, and test date. It makes invoices look very professional.
  11. The cost of all this is only $150.00 per year for unlimited testing and customer support for up to 5 testers.
  12. This software is created and developed by a me Daniel Todd backflow tester that is currently still testing and using this software every day.